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About Toolbox Training

Since its formation in January 1998, Toolbox Training has strongly advocated that proper training of child care providers must incorporate a wide spectrum of methods including workshops, resources, and consulting. This is reflected in the history of Toolbox Training right down to the creation of the logo.

About the Founder

Toolbox Training’s founder, David Whitaker, entered the child care/afterschool field in 1987. He has been a trainer, consultant, author, program coordinator, and lead teacher working with preschoolers, kindergartners, school-agers, and middle schoolers in school, church, center, and recreation-based facilities.

He has delivered hundreds of workshops at the national, state, and local levels on dozens of topics including behavior management, parent communication, and lesson planning (check the "Workshops" link for a full listing). As the Caring Communities Trainer for the Local Investment Commission, he oversaw more than a dozen trainers in developing and delivering more than 200 workshops. He is also a certified Youth Works Methods trainer for the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality.

David has authored more than a dozen books on topics such as multiple intelligences, games, and transition activities (see the “Books” link). He has also written materials for School-Age Notes, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Missouri Accreditation, and Head Start. While at the Francis Institute for Child and Youth Development, he co-authored a series of modules designed to assist participants in achieving the Youth Development Credential.

As part of the United Way-sponsored Quality Matters project, David guided programs in using the Program Quality Assessment tool developed by the Weikart Center. As a trained ASQ (Assessing School-Age Quality) Advisor, David helped sites pursue and achieve National School Age Care Alliance (NSACA) accreditation. He has also helped programs receive NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accreditation and Missouri Accreditation.

David has served on the Missouri School-Age Community Coalition and Missouri Accreditation state boards and was on the faculty for Concordia University (St. Paul, MN) in the School Age Department. He has a Masters in Education with a focus on Creative Arts in Learning and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication.

Dave takes the business of child care seriously, as you can see here in these photos taken from his Masters in Education program (really, they are). The program focused on how to effectively reach learners in a variety of ways.

About the Logo

The Toolbox Training triangle logo represents the four players crucial to a successful child care program.

The two triangles on the bottom stand for the combined efforts of the trainer and trainees to create an environment that anchors the children, represented by the triangle on top.

The trainer is the one who must equip trainees with the skills necessary to provide quality child care. Typically this person has responsibilities that go beyond just the care of the children.

Trainees are the front-line workers who interact with the children daily. Their abilities, talents, and skills will most directly effect the quality of the care the children receive.

The children are at the peak of the triangle to remind us to always put their needs first. We must strive to support and uphold the children so that they can reach for the top.

The “invisible” triangle (that is, the inverted white triangle in the center) symbolizes the products, workshops, and consulting, such as provided by Toolbox Training, that hold the other triangles together.