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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

100 Activities/Methods to Promote Social & Emotional Learning

These activities and methods for promoting social & emotional learning (SEL) were put together in support of the Toolbox Training workshop, Promoting Social & Emotional Learning, which you can learn about more here.

The workshop identifies seven SEL skills with which youth should be ARMORED (an acronym formed by the first letters of each of the seven words).

Click on any of the below to go directly to the links for the SEL activities and methods under that category.

    Awareness of Self

  1. 8 Phrases That Nurture Growth Mindset
  2. 26 Questions to Help Kids Know Themselves Better
  3. Brag Bracelets
  4. Expression Through Art
  5. Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset (Sharing)
  6. "I" Statements
  7. I Wish My Teacher Knew
  8. Positive and Negative Self-Talk
  9. Reflective Writing
  10. Self-Assessment Tools: Emoji Style
  11. Stop and Think
  12. Things I Do That Might Bug Someone Else
  13. This Is How I Think I’m Doing (Self-Evaluation)


  14. 8 Ways Kids Can Calm Down Anywhere
  15. Belly Breathing
  16. Calming Area
  17. Calming Strategy Cards
  18. Circle of Control
  19. Cool Down Corner
  20. Coping Skills Anchor Chart
  21. I Feel… I Can: A Coping Skills Toolbox
  22. Karma Completion (Building Resiliency)
  23. Noise Isolation
  24. Pipe Cleaners and Popsicle Sticks (Teaching Flexibility vs. Rigidity)
  25. Ready, Set, Go!: Impulse Control Strategies
  26. Visualization to Release Stress
  27. Wheel of Coping Skills
  28. Write Down, Rip Up and Throw Away Your Stress


  29. Bin Toss
  30. Candy Hunt
  31. Monitor Own Progress
  32. Motivational Moment
  33. Paper Planes
  34. Quote of the Day
  35. Road Signs
  36. Rock, Paper, Scissors Chearleaders
  37. Starting Positive
  38. What Can I Say to Myself?

    Others (Awareness of)

  39. Acts of Kindness Task Cards
  40. Appreciation, Apology, Aha
  41. Ants on a Log
  42. Broken Heart
  43. Feel-Good Scavenger Hunt (Random Acts of Kindness)
  44. Find the Airplane (Perspective Taking)
  45. Guess the Emotion Game
  46. Helping Others
  47. "I" Statements: Responding to Them
  48. If You Really Knew Me
  49. Interviews
  50. Role Play
  51. Using Apples to Teach Kids About Bullying
  52. Write a Poem from Someone Else’s Perspective

    Relationship Building

  53. Alligator Swamp
  54. Buddy Binder (Making New Friends)
  55. Circle Sharing
  56. Conversation Bingo (Conversation Initiation)
  57. Decode a Joke
  58. Find Someone Who…
  59. Have a Conversation with Someone You Don’t Know
  60. Hi My Name Is…
  61. I Love My Neighbor
  62. Interest and Identity-Related Bingo
  63. Lester Drop (Working Together)
  64. Puppet Show (Nonverbal Communication Activity)
  65. Shipwreck
  66. Staying on Topic
  67. Talk Time
  68. Teamwork and Strategy
  69. Telephone Game (Body Language)
  70. What Are You Doing?
  71. Where We Came From

    Emotional Intelligence

  72. Big Emotions vs. Small Emotions (Feeling Emotions Worksheet)
  73. Chameleon Moods (Identifying Emotions)
  74. Emotional Spectrum
  75. Feelings Charades (Feeling Empathy)
  76. M&M Anger Game
  77. Match the Emojis (Emotions Worksheet)
  78. Mixed Emotions Paper Chain
  79. Name the Emotion
  80. Today I Feel… Check In

    Decision Making/Problem Solving

  81. 4-Way Tug of War
  82. All Tangled Up
  83. Choosing the Right Job
  84. Evolution
  85. Freeze Dance Game
  86. Group Meetings
  87. Group Work Roles
  88. How Can I Solve a Problem? Poster
  89. Hula Hoop Challenge
  90. If You Build It…
  91. Minefield
  92. Mystery
  93. Peer Mediation
  94. Principal Wild Says (Following Directions)
  95. Save the Egg
  96. Should I Or Shouldn’t I?
  97. Shrinking Vessel
  98. Switch
  99. Think Before You Speak
  100. The Worst-Case Scenario