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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Activities/Methods to Promote Social & Emotional Learning

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With a Toolbox Training workshop on social and emotional learning (SEL) in the works, it seemed fitting to also put together a list of activities and methods for promoting SEL – 100 ideas, to be exact. The workshop will teach that there are seven SEL skills with which youth should be ARMORED. The word ARMORED is an acronym formed by the first letters of each of the seven words.

Click on any of the below to go directly to the links for the SEL activities and methods under that category.

Awareness of Self



Others (Awareness of)

Relationship Building

Emotional Intelligence

Decision Making/Problem Solving


Monday, July 17, 2017

Workshop: Leading Successful STEM Activities

This workshop focuses on how to:

  • Understand what STEM means
  • Experiment with different STEM activities
  • Facilitate successful STEM activities

Consider the Toolbox Training book 100 Science Activities for Kids as a complement to this training. Click on the book cover for details.


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