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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Holidays and Activities

Listed below are interesting holidays, celebrations, important dates, and events for April. Icons indicate an activity from one of Toolbox Training’s 100 Activities series of books. Hover over the icon for specific references to exact activities.

You can also click on links for additional information on dates. Many of these connect directly to activities on the Toolbox Training blog, but some are off-site links.


April Fool's Day

Firefighter's Day

One Cent Day


Children's Book Day

Peanut Butter and Jelly Day


Find a Rainbow Day

Don't Go to Work Unless It's Fun Day

American Circus Day (1793 – first circus opens in U.S.)

Chocolate Mousse Day


Vitamin C Day

School Librarian Day

Walk Around Things Day

Student Government Day


Fun at Work Day

Lady Luck Day

Go for Broke Day

Read a Road Map Day

Dandelion Day


North Pole discovered (1898)

Caramel Popcorn Day

Jump Over Things Day

Roller skates patented (1869)


Teacher Appreciation Day

World Health Day

No Housework Day


Astronomy Day

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day


First public library opened (1833)

Name Yourself Day

Listening Day


Young Writer's Day

Sibling Day

Safety pin patented (1849)


Barbershop Quartet Day

Cheese Fondue Day

Chinese Almond Cookie Day


Look Up at the Sky Day

Big Wind Day

Reach as High as You Can Day

Space Shuttle Columbia first launched (1981)


President Thomas Jefferson's Birthday (1743)

Blame Somebody Else Day

Scrabble Day

D.A.R.E. Day


Pecan Day


Income Tax Day

Titanic sunk (1912)

Artist/inventor Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday (1452)

Librarian's Day

Rubber Eraser Day

First McDonald's opened in Des Plaines, IL (1955)


Eggs Benedict Day


Stress Awareness Day


Pet Owner's Day

Animal Cracker Day

Paul Revere's Ride (1775)


Humorous Day

Patriot's Day


Look Alike Day

Volunteer Recognition Day

Make a Quilt Day

Cuckoo Day


Kindergarten Day - first kindergarten founded by Friedrich Froebel in Germany (1837)


Earth Day Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day

Jelly Bean Day


Playwright William Shakespeare's Birthday (1564)

Take a Chance Day

Picnic Day

Fire Drill Day

Sing Out Day


Plumber's Day

Pig in a Blanket Day


Anti-Nuclear Day

Telephone Day

Zucchini Bread Day


Hug a Friend Day

Pretzel Day

Static Cling Day


Childcare Professionals Day

Tell a Story Day

Babe Ruth Day

Sleep Day

Playground Safety Day


Cherry Poetry Reading Day

Kiss your Mate Day


Moment of Laughter Day

Greenery Day

Zipper patented (1913)

Penguin Day


Honesty Day

Oatmeal Cookie Day

Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Raisin Day

George Washington inaugurated as 1st U.S. President (1789)

Floating Holidays:
Daylight Savings begins (1st Sunday)

Palm Sunday – 4/9/06, 4/1/07, 3/16/08 (1 week before Easter)

Good Friday – 4/14 06, 4/6/07, 3/21/08 (Friday before Easter)

Easter – 4/16/06, 4/8/07, 3/23/08 (1st Sunday following the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox). Click here to find actual dates for specific years.
Secretary/Administrator's Assistant Day (4th Wednesday)
Take Your Daughter to Work Day (last Thursday)
Arbor Day (last Friday)
Jewish holiday Passover begins at sundown on 4/12/06, 4/2/07, 4/19/08 (lasts 8 days)
Jewish Heritage Week (observed during Passover)

Specialty Weeks:

1st week:
Library Week
Public Health Week
Read a Road Map Week
Sleep Awareness Week

2nd week:
Astronomy Week (moveable - determined by 1st quarter moon)
Building Safety Week
Garden Week
Week of the Young Child (1st full week of April)

3rd week:
Boys and Girls Club Week
Secretary Week
Science and Technology Week
Student Leadership Week

4th week:
Coin Week
Karoake Week
Playground Safety Week
Teacher Appreciation Week
TV Turn Off Week
Volunteer Week

Last week:
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Week
Sky Awareness Week

Specialty Months:

Autism Awareness Month
Child Abuse Prevention Month
Food Month
Frog Month
Garden Month
Guitar Month
Humor Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
Listening Awareness Month
Mathematics Education Month
Multicultural Communication Month
Poetry Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Straw Hat Month
Stress Awareness Month
Woodworking Month
World Habitat Awareness Month
Youth Sports Safety Month

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