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Friday, August 24, 2018

Clients & Testimonials

Toolbox Training has developed, delivered, and/or overseen more than 300 workshops on a national, state, and local level to an estimated 4000 people. Most are in the Kansas City area, including the following clients:

Here's what participants have said about Toolbox Training workshops:

"Most trainings we've had just discussed the problems - you gave us solutions." - Liberty School District - Liberty Kid Zone

"This is one of the best inservices I've ever been through and I actually learned from it - to apply the info to the children!! Thank you." -Blue Springs School District - Prime Time

"Fun! Fun! Fun! Energetic presenter. Workbook was nice - good that we could take it with us. Great job!!" - North Kansas City School District - School Age Child Care

"I liked how we could do the talking and threw out ideas and then write them in our work notebooks so we could take our training home." - St. Joseph YMCA (St. Joseph, MO)

"Flexible, very informative. Articulate and not boring. Ideas presented fresh & enthusiastic." - St. Joseph Catholic Diocese

Participants in a Toolbox Training workshop can count
on instructive materials as well as fun toys!

"Wasn't just lecturing…hands-on examples for better understanding & it was fun as well as informational." - Fort Osage School District

"Not always sitting. Seem to keep the time moving instead of sitting all the time." - Rockwood School District - Adventure Club (St. Louis, MO area)

"Participation from everyone. Gave chances to give ideas." - Child Care Association of Johnson County

Liked "the resources and the hands-on organization of the workshops." - Francis Child Development Institute, Penn Valley Community College

"It was interesting - there were activities to keep us involved and to keep us thinking." - Wyandotte Interfaith Sponsoring Council

"Excellent training. All around very well presented and organized." - YMCA of Greater Kansas City

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Workshop: Behavior Management - Setting and Implementing Guidelines

When the behavior management training series was initially conceived, the idea was to develop three separate workshops - one focused on understanding the child, one on helping adults understand how their reactions affect behavior, and a third dedicated to understanding how the environment affects behavior. See more about those workshops here.

This workshop was developed after those. While those three focus on preventive measures, this workshop focuses on what to do when problems do arise. Specifically, in this workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to set appropriate guidelines
  • Understand the behavior response funnel to know how to respond to problems
  • Practice a 6-step approach to conflict resolution

Check out this video of the Power Point presentation from this workshop for an idea of what you can expect:

To have this delivered as an on-site workshop contact Toolbox Training.

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