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Friday, December 31, 2010

Book: 100 Science Activities for Kids

TOOLBOX TRAINING makes science activities simple with 100 science activities in nine categories: Senses, Air, Water, Kitchen Chemistry, Food & Bacteria, Weights and Lengths, Magnets, Electricity, and Simple Machines. Each activity has a simple checklist of materials you'll need and basic directions to guide children through the activity. 130 pages. Catalog number: SCBK1210; Price: $9.95

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Workshop: Make Every Science Activity a Success

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What you’ll get from this workshop or training package:

  • Explain what science is
  • Identify fears associated with science
  • Recognize the benefits of engaging children in science
  • Understand and use the basic scientific method
  • Ask children questions to encourage scientific exploration
  • Generate tools to use in scientific exploration
  • Create environments that encourage scientific exploration
  • Access numerous science activities for children

For this training package, Toolbox Training highly recommends the book 100 Science Activities for Kids. Click on the book cover for details.


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