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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Workshop: Understanding Child Development

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What you’ll get from this workshop or training package:

  • Identify four distinct age groups from birth to age 12
  • Explain the six ways that kids grow (cognitive, communication, gross motor, fine motor, social/emotional, and self-sufficiency)
  • Integrate activities into your child care program that will meet the developmental needs of the age group with which you work
  • Understand activity ideas that meet the needs of age groups other than those with which you work

For this training package, it is vital to have resources in the workshop (ideally a book for every 3-4 participants) that detail the stages of development from birth to 12. Toolbox Training highly recommends the Ages & Stages: Understanding Child Development book. Click here for information on that and other books from Toolbox Training.

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Training packages come with workbooks, certificates, and evaluations for 10 participants, but you can also order additional workbooks, etc. (catalog # CDTW0703) if necessary:

Book: Ages & Stages: Understanding Child Development

Unlike most resources on child development, this book covers milestones for early childhood and school-age. Learn the major milestones for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-agers in eight major areas: cognitive, communication, physical (general), physical (gross motor), physical (fine motor), social, emotional, and self-sufficiency. 102 pages. Catalog number: CDBK0703; Price: $14.95

Also available at

Book: Jazz Up Staff Training & Meetings

This book, which started as a one-day seminar, focuses on preparation, openings, identifying and meeting participant needs, and closings. Among the books contents are tips on creating P.O.W.E.R. handouts, a suggested supply kit of materials, ideas for icebreakers and review activities, tips for using audiovisual material effectively, and more than a dozen forms that you can copy for your own meetings and training sessions. 90 pages. Catalog number: TTBK0703; Price: $20.00