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Toolbox Training’s David Whitaker
presents a workshop.
Tired of conferences and workshops that don’t fit your needs? Bring the training to you instead! Toolbox Training offers workshops designed to meet the needs of school-age and early childhood care providers. All workshops are set up in an interactive format that can be delivered at your own site! Workshops are 2 hours unless noted otherwise.

Why Use Toolbox Training?

Since 2015, Toolbox Training's Dave Whitaker has presented, co-presented, and overseen the delivery of more than 200 workshops for over 4000 participants with an average rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars. Click here to see testimonials.

Approach of Workshops:

Attendees at Toolbox Training workshops can expect something to meet the needs of any kind of learner. You’ll have chances to get up and move around, join in whole group discussions, and participate in small group activities. You can play with toys, listen to music, and write notes in a workbook you take home. You’ll reflect on what you’ve learned, create a plan for what you will do with what you learned, and take home a certificate to verify your training hours.

Toolbox Training workshop in progress.


A 2-hour workshop for 25 or fewer participants in the Kansas City metropolitan area runs $400.00. Additional expenses apply for more people, greater travel, and longer workshops. Toolbox Training can also customize training for your program or develop a new training from scratch. Contact Toolbox Training to schedule a workshop or find out more details.

Workshop Titles by Category:

Click on a title to find out more about what you’ll learn. In some cases, you can watch a video of the Power Point presentation which accompanies the workshop. Note:

MO: approved in Missouri by Child Care Aware of Missouri
KS: approved in Kansas by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Behavior Management:

Understanding Youth and Adults in Afterschool Settings:

Working More Effectively with Youth:

Involving Youth in Program Planning and Operation:

Activities to Do with Youth:

Meeting Parent and Customer Needs:

Professionalism and Program Policies:


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