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Monday, April 30, 2001

Parent Communication

A Calendar That Parents Can’t Miss (Hopefully)
Originally published in The KC SAC Connection, issue 4 – spring 2001
Idea from Suzanne Dewey, Prime Time Site Coordinator at James Lewis Elementary, Blue Springs School District

At James Lewis Elementary’s Prime Time, it would be impossible to not know what is going on (or at least a lot harder), thanks to a huge wall calendar that details each day’s events. Suzanne got the idea from Amy King, another Prime Time Site Coordinator in the Blue Springs School District.

The calendar consists of sheet protectors hot-glued to a tablecloth. A page for each day of the month is then inserted into the sheet protector. Calendar pages detail the activities for the day - a great way to let everyone know about upcoming summer field trips!

In addition, each page is illustrated by the children. Suzanne also recommends checking out the Blue Mountain Art web site ( to get a calendar of offbeat events. For example, at James Lewis Elementary, they had National Pickle Week on their calendar.

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