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Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27-28: Weekend Product Spotlight

Instead of posting activities over the weekend, when most programs wouldn’t have access to them anyway, Toolbox Training will use weekend posts to focus on various products.

Activity Cards

For those who have followed Toolbox Training’s daily activity posts since August 1, you know that the concept is to post an activity each day which relates to a holiday or event from that day. Many of these are unfamiliar and unusual celebrations. The activities used to celebrate these events are generally pulled from Toolbox Training’s activity card sets.

Activity Card Sets:
·         Art
·         Construction
·         Cooking
·         Drama
·         Games
·         Music
·         Nature
·         Science

A ninth set, focused on language activities such as reading, writing, and storytelling, will hopefully be completed before the end of 2011!

Each activity card set offers 100 activities divided into various categories. The activities have been compiled with school-agers in mind, but are often easily adapted to younger ages as well. Each set is $15.00. Check the Toolbox Training website under the activity card link for more information.

Also – check the books page. The game, music, and science activity sets have been reformatted into book form as well and only cost $12.95.

Thanks for following Toolbox Training’s daily activity posts!

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