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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Holidays and Activities

Listed below are interesting holidays, celebrations, important dates, and events for July. Icons indicate an activity from one of Toolbox Training’s 100 Activities series of books. Hover over the icon for specific references to exact activities.

You can also click on links for additional information on dates. Many of these connect directly to activities on the Toolbox Training blog, but some are off-site links.


Canada Day, aka Dominion Day (1868)

First U.S. zoo opens (1874)

U.S. Stamp Anniversary

Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

Joke Day

Build a Scarecrow Day

Sunglasses invented in China (1200)

Silly putty trademarked (1952)


Halfway Point of the Year

I Forgot Day

Violin Lovers Day


Birth of the automobile (1886)

Birth of color TV (1928)

Watermelon Day

First bank in U.S. (1819)

Stay Out of the Sun Day


Independence Day

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Day (1903)

Country Music Day

Barbeque Day

Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Day

First bus built (1829)

Birth of the rodeo (1869)


Family Day

Caribbean Day

Graham Cracker Day


Fried Chicken Day

The dollar is chosen as the U.S. monetary unit (1785)


Postal Worker Day

Macaroni Day

Birth of the comic book (1802)


Sundae Day

Be a Kid Day


Rock 'n' Roll Day

Fashion Day

Recreation Day

Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

Sugar Cookie Day


Teddy Bear's Picnic Day

Smile Power Day

Don't Step on a Bee Day


Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Swimming Pool Day

Blueberry Muffin Day

Vegetarian Food Day


Different Colored Eyes Day

Pecan Pie Day


Go West Day

French Fries Day

Beans and Franks Day


Pandemonium Day

Cow Appreciation Day

Comedy Celebration Day


First Boeing 707 flew (1954)

Be a Dork Day

I Love Horses Day


Artist Rembrandt’s Birthday (1606)

Hot Dog Day


Disneyland opened (1955)

Sewing machine patented (1790)

Wrong Way Day


Chrysanthemum Day

Railroad Day


Woman's Day

New Friends Day

Stick Out Your Tongue Day


Moon Day - first landing on the moon (1969)

Chess Day

Lollipop Day

Nap Day

Ugly Truck Day


Junk Food Day

Ice Cream Soda Day

Tug-of-War Tournament Day


Summer Leisure Day

Spoonerism Day

Birth of Fruit Loops (1963)

Maple Syrup Day


Ice Cream Cone Day – ice cream cone introduced in St. Louis, MO (1904)

Mosquito Day

Lamp patented (1872)


Aviator Amelia Earhart’s Birthday (1897)

Cousins' Day

Pioneer Day


Birthday of the Birthday Cake - Greeks were first to put candles on a cake celebrating someone's birthday (55 B.C.)

Act Like a Caveman Day

Threading the Needle Day


Aunts and Uncles Day

All or Nothing Day

U.S. Postal Service began ( 1775)


World Youth Day

Hula Hoop Day

Take a Plant for a Walk Day

Bugs Bunny debuted in animated short A Wild Hare (1940)


First fingerprint taken (year?)

Birth of wiffle ball (1957)


Rain Day

Rocket Day

Lasagna Day

Lipstick Day


Comedy Day

Cheesecake Day

Monopoly board game trademarked (1933)


Always Live Better Than Yesterday

Harry Potter author JK Rowling's Birthday (1965)

Floating Holidays:

Baseball's All-Star Game (2nd Tuesday)
Parents' Day (4th Sunday)

Specialty Weeks:

1st week (1st full week):
Canned Luncheon Meat Week
Freedom Week
Great Circus Parade Week

2nd week:
Laughter Week

3rd week:
Space Week
World Hug Week

4th week:
Equal Parent's Week
Don't Eat Meat Week (Monday to Monday)

Specialty Months:

Anti-Boredom Month
Baked Bean Month
Bison Month
Blackberry Month
Blueberry Month
Cell Phone Month
Fireworks Safety Month
Graduation Month
Hotdog Month
Ice Cream Month
Outdoor Month
Peach Month
Picnic Month
Purposeful Parenting Month
Raspberry Month
Read an Almanac Month
Recreation and Parks Month
Red, White and Blue Month
Tennis Month
Wild about Wildlife Month

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