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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Linguistic Intelligence

Dr. Howard Gardner, a Harvard University education professor, developed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983. Instead of prescribing to the traditional notion of intelligence based on I.Q. testing, he proposed the possibility of multiple intelligences. You can read about the different intelligences and find more resources about the theory here. This page focuses on linguistic intelligence.

This information has been adapted from the book Multiple Intelligences & After-School Environments: Keeping All Children in Mind.

Linguistic Intelligence

the ability to absorb information and communicate through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Someone with this intelligence, like Liza, could be called WORD SMART.

A child like Liza who has this intelligence is likely to have these traits and interests:
  • Considers books very important.
  • Was an early reader.
  • Spoke at an early age.
  • Is entertained by tongue twisters, nonsense rhymes, or puns.
  • Enjoys word games like Scrabble, Anagrams, or Password.
  • Does better in English, social studies, and history than math and science.
  • Has written something recently of which he/she is proud or earned recognition.
  • Pays more attention to billboards than scenery when driving down the highway.
  • Hears words in his/her head before reading, speaking, or writing them.
  • Often references things read or heard.

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