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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Workshop: Behavior Management

The three workshops in this series are designed to stand alone so your program doesn't have to take all three workshops - although it is encouraged! Each workshop is 2 hours.

Thanks to LINC site coordinators LaKeshia Lewis, Paul Lichtenauer, Melanie Scott, and Carl Wade for their work in helping to develop this series.

Behavior Management: The Adult

Objectives - Adults can lessen the likelihood of problems and deal more effectively with children’s behavior when they do arise through:

  • How we move
  • What we say
  • What we don’t say
  • Practice scenarios

Behavior Management: The Child

This workshop focuses on:

Check out this video of the Power Point presentation from this workshop for an idea of what you can expect:

Behavior Management: The Environment

This workshop will focus on how to:

  • Identify 4 environmental factors which affect behavior
  • Use 4 C’s to improve those factors
  • Develop plan to improve at least 1 factor

To have this delivered as an on-site workshop contact Toolbox Training.

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