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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 23: Tennis Day

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Group Tennis


  • One coat hanger per player
  • One leg of panty hose per player
  • One tennis ball for every four kids
  • Chalk or other means for marking boundaries


  1. Have each child use his coat hanger and panty hose to make a tennis racket. This will take some extra preparation time outside of the actual game.
  2. Kids divide into two teams, one for each side of a designated “court” area.
  3. The court should be no larger than an actual tennis court, preferably much smaller. Courts must have marked boundaries and a center line.
  4. Regular rules of tennis apply - only one bounce per side, but this game allows for teams larger than doubles.
  5. Have teams play to a set number of points (ten is good) and then mix up the players.


  • Use a playground ball and no rackets.
  • If you have several games going, vary the size of the court for each.
  • Change the number of points needed to win each round.
  • If you have four or more teams, set up a mini-tournament.
  • Vary the number of team players per round.

Source(s): 100 Game Activities for Kids (activity C13)

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