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Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 25: Don't Utter a Word Day (Quiet Day)

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Mum Ball


  • a ball


  1. This is a great game for transition times, quiet times, or circle time.
  2. Players sit in a circle.
  3. Players roll a ball back and forth without making any noise.
  4. If someone makes noise, (s)he is out.
  5. Play continues until only one player remains.


  • For variety, kids who are out can walk around the back of the circle and try to get other players to make noise (no contact or noise allowed from those children who are out).
  • Also consider requiring the ball to remain in the circle or roller or receiver is out (your choice).
  • For a more active game, players can stand and ball can be thrown.

Source(s): 100 Game Activities for Kids (activity G1)

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