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Friday, May 1, 2015

May Holidays and Activities

Listed below are interesting holidays, celebrations, important dates, and events for May. Icons indicate an activity from one of Toolbox Training’s 100 Activities series of books. Hover over the icon for specific references to exact activities.

You can also click on links for additional information on dates. Many of these connect directly to activities on the Toolbox Training blog, but some are off-site links.


May Day

Mother Goose Day

School Principal's Day

Plant a Flower Day

Loyalty Day

Hawaiian Lei Day


Baby Day (Dr. Benjamin Spock born 1903)

Brothers and Sisters Day

Space Day (started in 2001 by John Glenn)


Sun Day


Holocaust Remembrance Day

Movie Day

Orange Juice Day


Cinco de Mayo

Children's Day (Japan)

First American in Space – Alan Shephard (1961)

First perfect baseball game pitched – Cy Young (1904)

Chocolate Custard Day

Scrapbook Day


School Family Day

Baseball player Willie Mays' Birthday (1931)

No Diet Day

Beverage Day


Nurse Day

Potato Day

Tuba Day


V-E Day (1945)

President Harry S Truman's Birthday (1884)

World Red Cross Day

Have a Coke Day (1886 – Coca Cola first sold to the public)

No Socks Day

Coconut Cream Pie Day

Song “White Christmas” registered by Irving Berlin (1942)


Receptionist Day

Lost Sock Memorial Day

Windmill Day

Barbie doll trademarked (1958)


Clean Up Your Room Day


Twilight Zone Day

Eat What You Want Day

Strange Music Festival (International)


Nurse Florence Nightingale's Birthday (1820)

Nonsense Day

Limerick Day

Kite Day


Native Apple Pie Day

Leprechaun Day

Tulip Day

Velcro trademarked (1958)


Beginning of Lewis & Clark Expedition (1804)

Clean Up Your Street Day

Stars and Stripes Day

Crazy Day

Dance Like a Chicken Day


Police Memorial Day

No Excuses Day

Chocolate Chip Day

Hug Your Cat Day


Animal Day

Love a Tree Day

Wear Purple for Peace Day

Pickle Day


I Am an American Day

Cherry Cobbler Day

Pack Rat Day

Amusement Ride Day – birth of the merry-go-round (1620)


Goodwill Day

Museum Day

Visit Your Relatives Day


Ringling Brothers founded their circus (1884)

Neighbor Day

Frog Jump Day


Flower Day

Be a Millionaire Day

Weight and Measure Day


Waitresses/Waiters Day

Strawberries and Cream Day


Vanilla Pudding Day

Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Orville and Wilbur Wright receive patent for a “flying machine” (1906).


Penny Day

Sea Turtle Day

Taffy Day


Brothers Day


Women's Day

Tap Dance Day

Sing-Out Day


Space Shuttle Astronaut Sally Ride's Birthday (1951)


Golden Gate Bridge opened (1937)

Masking tape patented (1930)

Grape Popsicle Day

Piano patented (1796)


Amnesty International Day

Hamburger Day

Whale Day


President John F. Kennedy’s Birthday (1917)

Ancestor Honor Day


First Indianapolis 500 car race (1911)

Water a Flower Day


No Tobacco Day

Save Your Hearing Day

Floating Holidays:

Kentucky Derby (1st Saturday)
Teacher's Day (Tuesday of the first full week)
Child Care Provider Day (Friday before Mother's Day)
Mother's Day (2nd Sunday)
Armed Forces Day (3rd Saturday)
Backyard Games Week (last full week before Memorial Day)
Memorial Day (last Monday)

Specialty Weeks:

1st week (1st full week):
Be Kind to Animals Week
Cartoon Appreciation Week
Child Care Awareness Week
Computer Education Week
Family Week
Music Week
Nurses Week
Postcard Week
Raisin Week
Safe Kids Week
Teacher Appreciation Week
Tourism Week
Wildflowers Week

2nd week:
Bike Week
Hospital Week
Nursing Home Week
Pet Week
Police Week

3rd week:
Art Week
Astronomy Week
Buckle Up America! Week
New Friends, Old Friends Week
Running and Fitness Week
Transportation Week

4th week:
Pickle Week
Shoe Week

Specialty Months:

Asian/Pacific Heritage Month
Asthma and Allergry Month
Barbeque Month
Better Speech and Hearing Month
Bike Month
Duckling Month
Egg Month
Family Support Month
Flower Month
Graduation Month
Hamburger Month
Modern Dance Month
Older American's Month
Photo Month
Physical Fitness and Sports Month
Promote Your Ideas Month
Safety Month
Salad Month
Scrapbooking Month
Strawberry Month
Transportation Month

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