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Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7: Potato Day

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Potato Activities

Possible Activities:

  • Try an interactive online Mr. Potato Head at!
  • You can also get Mr. Potato Head kits and real potatoes. Also consider how you can make facial features for real potatoes or carve them like pumpkins.
  • Would you believe you can use a potato as a battery? Check out for directions to make a potato clock.
  • Try familiar relays with potatoes – like passing it from one person’s neck to the next, rolling it on the floor with your nose, or over one person’s head, under the next’s legs.
Source(s): Check out the Toolbox Training book 100 Cooking Activities for Kids for directions on baked potatoes (activity G2) and 100 Science Activities for Kids for directions on growing sweet potatoes (activity E6).

Check out the full May calendar. It includes floating holidays, specialty weeks, and specialty months.

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