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Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12: Magic Day

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In celebration of Magic Day, let kids put on a magic show!

Magic Show


  • Resources for magic tricks
  • Props as dictated by the tricks kids choose


  1. What kind of magic show will this be? A one-person show or several people performing?
  2. Does a one-person show require assistants?
  3. Look at your library or do online searches for tricks. Kids may also know tricks they want to perform.
  4. Have performer(s) determine what materials are needed for the tricks and who needs to provide them. (Will the kids bring them? Do they need the program to provide materials? Are these materials at the site? Is there anything which needs to be purchased? Do you need to post lists for families of supplies you need?)
  5. Is this show just for other kids in the program or for a wider audience? Do kids need to make invitations or announcements about the show?
  6. Where will the magic show be performed?
  7. Practice, practice, practice! In practice, watch to see if kids are giving their secrets away. Also check to make sure they can be heard. Is a microphone available?

Source(s): 100 Drama Activities for Kids (activity J4)

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