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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17: Eat Your Vegetables Day

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Try these unique ways to grow vegetables!

Growing Vegetables


  • variety of fruit and vegetable seeds
  • small pots
  • good garden soil
  • avocado pits
  • toothpicks
  • glass jars
  • water
  • potato and sweet potato cuttings
  • carrot tops


  1. Plant seeds in pots with soil, about twice as deep as they are wide.
  2. Stick toothpicks in avocado pits to support them on top of a glass filled with water. The wide end of the seed should be just submerged in the water. Keep glass filled with water.
  3. For potatoes and sweet potatoes, make sure cutting has at least one “eye,” which is where the potato vine will grow. The eye needs to be out of the water.
  4. Carrot tops will also grow this way if the root end is kept submerged.
  5. All of these must be transplanted to soil eventually; water alone won’t keep the plants growing.

Source(s): Adapted from for 100 Nature Activities for Kids (Activity F5)

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