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Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19: Butterfly Day

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Kids can make their own butterfly feeders in honor of Butterfly Day.

Butterfly Feeder


  • small jar with a lid, such as a baby food jar or jelly jar
  • sugar
  • water
  • cotton
  • materials for decorating feeders if desired
  • means for hanging feeders


  1. Make a small hole in the lid of the jar.
  2. Make butterfly food by dissolving one part sugar in nine parts water.
  3. Fill the jar with butterfly food.
  4. Screw the lid tightly onto the jar and poke a small piece of cotton into the hole.
  5. Decorate jars with paint or decoupage. Butterflies locate their food sources by sight, so the more he feeder looks like a plant or flower, the better the chance of attracting butterflies. It may also help to cut out some fabric or plastic petals and fasten them to the lid of your feeder.
  6. Invert the jar and hang it in the garden.

Source(s): 100 Nature Activities for Kids (Activity H4)

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