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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7: Run for Your Life Day

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A section in the Toolbox Training book 100 Game Activities for Kids focuses on relays. Below are the directions for more traditional relays.

Tradtional Relays


  • depends on relay


  1. Divide kids into at least two teams with four to eight kids per team ideally.
  2. Determine if children go only once or more than once.
  3. You may wish to have a stopwatch on hand.
  4. Pick an action (hop, run, skip, run backwards, crab walk, jump, crawl, etc.).
  5. Each child must get to designated area and back doing that action.


  • Vary how many teams there are.
  • Vary how many players are on each team.
  • Change the distance children have to run or skip, etc.
  • Have each child in the relay perform a different action. Example: the first one has to hop, the second one has to run backwards, etc.
  • With small groups (4 or under), you could have each child go multiple times and they have to perform a different action each time.

Source(s): 100 Game Activities for Kids (activity D1)

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