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Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 4: Thank a Mailman Day

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Post Office Prop Box


  • paper
  • writing instruments (pencils, pens, markers, etc.)
  • envelopes
  • stamps
  • junk mail
  • old greeting cards
  • large mailing envelopes
  • postman clothes
  • mail bag
  • scale
  • mail box (kids could make)


  1. Prop boxes are items grouped together by a theme to allow children to pretend. They can be used as specific activities or put out during free time.
  2. The materials listed above are merely suggestions. You may come up with additional ideas and leave some of these materials out.
  3. The boxes that hold 10 reams of computer paper/typing paper are a nice size for prop boxes. They can be covered with nice contact paper to make them more attractive.
  4. You might also consider a creative way of putting all the prop box materials into something that fits the theme. For example, a camping prop box might go in a backpack; a travel prop box could go in a suitcase.

Source(s): 100 Drama Activities for Kids (activity A18)

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