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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Holidays and Activities

Listed below are interesting holidays, celebrations, important dates, and events for February. Icons indicate an activity from one of Toolbox Training’s 100 Activities series of books or activity card sets. Hover over the icon for specific references to exact activities.

You can also click on links for additional information on dates. Many of these connect directly to activities on the Toolbox Training blog, but some are off-site links.


Freedom Day

Be an Encourager Day


Groundhog Day

Job Shadow Day

Bottle cap patented (1892)

California Kiwi Fruit Day


Carrot Cake Day

Sesame Street's Elmo's Birthday


Thank a Mailman Day

Baseball player Hank Aaron's Birthday (1934)

“Mother of the Civil Rights movement” Rosa Parks’ Birthday (1913)

Homemade Soup Day

Obscurity Day


Weatherperson’s Day

Mexico Constitution Day

Girls and Women in Sports Day

Sale of the first wiffle ball


Pay a Compliment Day

Reggae Day

Carrot Festival

Baseball player Babe Ruth's Birthday (1895)

Monopoly board game goes on sale (1935)


Send a Card to a Friend Day

Author Charles Dickens' Birthday (1812)

Ballet Day

Run for Your Life Day

Daniel Boone Escape Day


Boy Scout Day (founded 1910)


Hershey's chocolate founded (1894)

Volleyball invented (1895)

Toothache Day


Umbrella Day

Smoke detector patented (1976)


Make a New Friend Day

Inventor’s Day/Thomas Edison's Birthday (1847)

White Shirt Day

Ghost Day

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day


President Abraham Lincoln's Birthday (1809)

Pancake Day


Get a Different Name Day

First public school established (1635)


Valentine's Day

Race Relations Day

Read to Your Child Day

Ferris Wheel Day


Jewelry Day

Gumdrop Day

Senior Day

Activist Susan B. Anthony's Birthday (1820)


World Championship Crab Races

Bumper Car Day

Mule Day

Almond Day


Random Acts of Kindness Day

PTA Founder's Day

Washing machine patented (1827)


Planet Pluto discovered (1925)


Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood debuted (1968)

Phonograph patented (1878)


John Glenn becomes first person to orbit Earth (1962)

Paper bag manufacturing machine patented (1872)

Toothpick patented (1872)

Student Volunteer Day

Cherry Pie Day


Sticky Bun Day


President George Washington's Birthday (1732)

Be Humble Day

Thinking Day

Walking the Dog Day


Tennis Day

Banana Bread Day

Vaudeville Day

Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (International)


Tortilla Chip Day


Don't Utter a Word Day (Quiet Day)

Chocolate Covered Peanuts Day

Submarine patented (1902)


Carnival Day

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Bun Day

Pistachio Day


Polar Bear Day (International)

No Brainer Day

Aspirin patented (1900)


Public Sleeping Day

Floral Design Day


Leap Day – once every four years (2016, 2020, 2024, etc.)

Floating Holidays:

  • Ash Wednesday – 3/1/06, 2/21/07, 2/6/08 (46 days before Easter) Click here to find actual dates for specific years.
  • President's Day (3rd Monday)

Specialty Weeks:

1st week:
  • Agricultural Week
  • Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week
  • Pay Your Bills Week
  • Pride in Food Services Week
  • Shape Up with Pickles Time
2nd week:
  • Big Brothers/Sisters Week
  • Boy Scouts Week
  • Celebration of Love Week
  • Crime Prevention Week
  • Great American Pizza Bake
  • Hero Week
  • Kraut & Frankfurter Week (begins 2nd Thursday)
  • New Idea Week
  • Pancake Week
  • School Counseling Week

    3rd week:

  • Brotherhood Week
  • Engineering Week
  • Health Education Week
  • Home for Birds Week
  • Pay Your Bills Week
  • Wildlife Week

    4th week:

  • Friendship Week (International)
  • Truth Week
    Specialty Months:

    • American Heart Month
    • American Music Month
    • Black History Month
    • Boost Your Ego Month (International)
    • Canned Food Month
    • Cat Health Month
    • Celebration of Chocolate Month
    • Cherry Month
    • Children's Dental Health Month
    • Embroidery Month
    • Friendship Month (International)
    • Grapefruit Month
    • Great American Pie Month
    • Hobby Month
    • Library Lover’s Month
    • Potato Lover’s Month
    • Responsible Pet Owner Month
    • Scottish Culture Month
    • Snack Food Month
    • Vegetation Month
    • Wedding Month
    • Wild Bird Feeding Month
    • World Understanding Month

  • Check out other months or return to activity calendar page.

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