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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12: The personal computer is introduced (1981).

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IBM introduced its personal computer. Just think how much the computer has changed in thirty years and what impact it has had on so many aspects of our culture. Play this game to show how much information we now get from the Internet and compare that to the information from newspapers.

Internet Match Game


  • Old newspapers
  • Computer with Internet access


  1. First and foremost, make sure you follow your program’s policies regarding the use of the computer and Internet. If you use the Internet, check settings to see if material will be screened for content.
  2. Provide kids with newspapers and ask them to find a story that interests them.
  3. The kids’ jobs are to then find a related story on the Internet.
  4. What details are included in both stories? Which story gets kids interest more? Which seems more factual? Are there any contradictory details in the stories?
  5. This game can teach kids some of the basics of researching a story in more than one place.

Source(s): Toolbox Training’s upcoming 100 Language Activities for Kids book.
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