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Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4: Twins Day

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Mirror Twins


  • Stage area should ideally be a wide doorway which kids can walk across, but audience can sit in front of and see
  • No props necessary, but could be available (would need two of each prop)


  1. There is a classic scene from a Marx brothers’ movie in which one character imitates another to make it appear the first character is seeing himself in a mirror. This is a great activity to get kids focused on the physicality of stage movement, as well as working on timing and just being silly.
  2. This is a great game to do with a larger group. Most youth will serve as audience members, but everyone can have turns on stage if kept short.
  3. Two performers are on the stage area. One is the “actor” and the other is the “mirror.” The actor’s job is to perform simple activities for the “mirror” to imitate.
  4. Remind kids that this works best when the actor moves at a reasonable pace. The slower the actor moves, the easier it is for the mirror to imitate.
  5. The best activities allow the “mirror” to do some guessing about what comes next. For example, if the actor performs something with a sequence (like getting up in the morning and get dressed), the “mirror” will have a better idea of what to expect. Also good are large motor activities (climbing a ladder, sports, etc.).

Source(s): 100 Drama Activities for Kids (activity G7)

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