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Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 7: Sea Serpent Day and Lighthouse Day

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With two sea-themed holidays, have the kids make sea scenes.



  • tissue paper
  • white poster board or construction paper
  • glue
  • water
  • cups or bowl
  • brushes


  1. Explain to children that a seascape is a painting of the ocean and its shoreline.
  2. Mix some glue with a little water in a small bowl or cup.
  3. Each child gets a piece of paper or poster board and some tissue paper.
  4. Tear tissue paper into strips.
  5. Brush some glue onto the board and place tissue paper over it one piece at a time.
  6. Brush more glue over tissue paper to make it lay flat.
  7. Arrange torn tissue paper so that some overlap.
  8. Leave white space between some pieces to suggest waves.
  9. After the seascape is dry, kids can also add items to the scene – such as sea serpents or lighthouses!

Source(s): 100 Art Activities for Kids.

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