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Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 16: Tell a Joke Day

Obviously this could be a day to allow children to tell their favorite jokes. Consider getting some joke books from the library. However, you can also go a step further. Why not encourage kids to do short and silly skits?



Resources for skits. Consider:


  1. Explain to kids that skits are like mini-plays. Usually they are quick jokes that take a minute or two.
  2. Pick out skits to perform. What materials are needed?
  3. Who will this show be performed for? A small group? A large group?
  4. Where will this be performed? On a stage? At the front of a room? Be sure audience will be able to see and hear. Will kids have a microphone? Can they tape-record voices beforehand and then just act during the performance?
  5. Determine the order of the skits. Who will emcee? A child? The adult? Make sure emcee knows order.

Source(s): 100 Drama Activities for Kids

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