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Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2: Name Your Car Day

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In honor of Name Your Car Day, see if kids can identify who belongs to which car.

The Car Match Game


  • camera
  • means for printing pictures
  • bulletin board
  • markers or other writing instruments


  1. This activity is targeted toward a program with a group of kids.
  2. Either have kids take pictures of their family cars and bring them in or take pictures of the cars at the program (with the family’s permission, of course).
  3. Post the pictures of the cars on a bulletin board.
  4. Have kids name their cars.
  5. Take pictures of kids holding signs with the names of the cars.
  6. Post those on the bulletin board.
  7. See if kids can match the cars with the kids.
  8. You could number each car photo and have kids fill out a sheet guessing which name goes with which car.
  9. After everyone has guessed, match up the car photos with the car names on the bulletin board. Do kids think the names fit the cars?

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