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Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4: First space vehicle launched (1957).

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In celebration of the first space vehicle ever launched, kids can make their own rockets.



  • toilet paper rolls
  • small sheets of paper-sized cardboard
  • acrylic paints


  1. This activity is directed toward individual table-top projects, but if you have large boxes available, let the kids create a life-sized rocket.
  2. Let kids use materials as they wish to design their rockets.
  3. To get kids thinking, ask questions like: What is the name of this rocket? Where are you going to go in this rocket? How long will it take? Are there people on this flight? If so, how many? How much food will you need? Where do you eat? Where do you sleep? How do you control the rocket ship? When is it set to launch? Has it already launched? Can you bring pets? Does it have rocket boosters? What country is it from?
Source(s): Toolbox Training’s construction card set. Also consider activities A14 and G5 from Toolbox Training’s book 100 Game Activities for Kids.

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