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Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9: First two-way telephone conversation (1876)

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Aside from the interesting discussions which could be launched about how much the telephone has changed throughout its history, there is also a fun, simple, circle-time game kids can play called “Telephone”:



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  1. A one-sentence message is initiated by the adult or a child if an adult approves the message first.
  2. Kids form a line or sit in a circle.
  3. The message is whispered to the first child.
  4. That child may not have the message repeated.
  5. (S)he then repeats the message as close to the original as possible to the next child in line.
  6. The message continues through the “telephone chain” until every child hears it.
  7. The last child then states what message (s)he heard to see how closely it matches the original message.
Source: Toolbox Training’s book 100 Game Activities for Kids (activity G4).

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