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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8: Newspaper Week (1st week of October)

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Kid-Generated Program Newsletter

Children can be involved in creating a one-time or regular newsletter. This is an ideal activity for school-age programs as there are multiple ways to involve them. Consider:

  • Let kids conduct interviews. If you are part of a school-based program, that could be the principal, teachers, secretaries, specialty teachers, or any support staff. Why not give the kids a chance to gain a greater appreciation for a day in the life of a custodian or cafeteria worker?
  • Kids can take photos or draw pictures to accompany articles.
  • Let children report on upcoming events.
  • Kids could also contribute their own cartoons, jokes, or funny stories.
  • If the program has access to a computer, let older kids serve as editors and do the layout for the newsletter.
  • Why not have families contribute something such as a favorite recipe or activity they do at home? Maybe an interest piece about a pet or a favorite vacation?
Source(s): Toolbox Training’s upcoming 100 Language Activities for Kids book.
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