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Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18: Dinosaur Month

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For dinosaur month, kids can do their own archaeology dig.

Archaeology Dig


  • toy dinosaurs
  • assorted rocks, shells, fossils, bones, etc.
  • individual paper bowls
  • plaster of Paris
  • water
  • tools for digging such as metal forks
  • stiff brushes


  1. Gather materials to be buried in the plaster.
  2. Trace each object on a piece of paper. This will create a map to go by when digging later.
  3. Mix plaster of Paris and pour over objects.
  4. Hide objects a layer at a time.
  5. After plaster of Paris dries, kids can dig up the objects.
  6. This is messy, so is best done outside or over newspaper.
  7. This activity may also take several days to complete.
  8. Once plaster has hardened from hidden treasures activity, kids can now dig up the objects.
  9. As each object is found, it can be placed on the map.

Source(s): From Toolbox Training’s nature card set (activities D2-D3).

Also check out the construction card set (activity M8).

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