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Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12: Video Game Day

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There’s plenty of research to show that children get too much screen time. On a day that celebrates video games, why not turn a video game into an active running game? Brainstorm ideas with the kids or go with this basic “video game”:

Master Blaster


  • None


  1. One person is picked as the game player and another is picked as the Master Blaster (the game player should not know who this person is). The other players are Blasters.
  2. The Blasters circulate on one side of a line.
  3. The game player is on the other.
  4. When the game player points his/her thumb at a Blaster, then that Blaster moves out of the play area.
  5. Game player is trying to get as many Blasters as possible without picking the Master Blaster.
  6. If the game player gets all the Blasters, then (s)he can have another turn. Otherwise, the Master Blaster becomes the new game player.
  7. Add twists to the game like turning it into a tag game or using a ball. Add a second game player and/or Master Blaster. Make the object of the game to find the Master Blaster.


  • Turn this into a tag game.
  • Use a ball.
  • Use a net as the dividing line.
  • Turn it into a “two player” game.
  • Have two Master Blasters.
  • Make the object of the game to find the Master Blaster.
Source(s): Toolbox Training’s book 100 Game Activities for Kids (activity H13)

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