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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23: Eat a Hoagie Day

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Ask kids to brainstorm ingredients to make their own sandwich bar. Here are some to consider:
  • Bread (buns, rolls, wheat, white)
  • Meat (salami, bologna, pepperoni, chicken)
  • Cheese (Swiss, Colby-Jack, American)
  • Vegetables (tomato, onion, pickles, mushrooms)
  • Condiments (mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressings)


  1. Encourage kids to add their own ideas to the mix.
  2. Allow them to be silly!
  3. Consider hosting an event where kids make sandwiches for family members.

Check out the full September calendar to see the month at a glance as well as floating holidays, specialty weeks, and themes for the month.

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