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Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 13: Positive Thinking Day

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It can be easy for children – and adults – to get bogged down by all that is going in wrong. Use today as a day for celebrating all that is going right. What are kids thankful for in their lives? What are they good at doing? Who are the important people in their lives who make a difference?

You can also make this into a day of compliments. Challenge kids to think of nice things to say about each other. You could even start a tradition. In a circle time or gathering, pick one child. Go around the group and ask each child to share one thing they like about that child. You may wish to write down what the kids say and send it home with the child.

Check out the full September calendar to see the month at a glance as well as floating holidays, specialty weeks, and themes for the month.

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