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Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 6: Read a Book Day

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Toolbox Training hopes to roll out a language activity card set/book by year’s end. Along with activities around reading, the set should include activities for storytelling, writing, poetry, bookmaking, and more.

Various Reading Activities

Here are different reading activities to consider:

  • Read a book to the group.
  • Have older kids read to younger kids.
  • Have non-readers look at a picture book and tell an adult what they think the story is about without knowing the words.
  • Read a picture book to the group without showing the pictures. Then ask the kids to illustrate the book.
  • Read part of a book to the group and then have them predict the ending. Then finish to see how close kids were.
  • Have kids act out a book as an adult or older child reads it.
  • Let kids read books and record their voices for books on tape.

Check out the full September calendar to see the month at a glance as well as floating holidays, specialty weeks, and themes for the month.

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