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Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26: Johnny Appleseed was born (1774).

With several holidays yesterday which combined nicely for one major event, Johnny Appleseed’s birthday gets bumped a day. There’s plenty of activities you can do with apples. Here’s one:

Apple Smiles

From the cooking card set available from Toolbox Training (activity D1). Adapted from

·         Apples (4-5)
·         Peanut butter
·         Miniature marshmallows (10-ounce bag)
·         Knife

1.       Cut apples into wedges.
2.       Spread peanut butter on one side of an apple wedge.
3.       Place marshmallows on peanut butter to form teeth.
4.       Spread peanut on one side of a second apple wedge.
5.       Place on top of the marshmallows to create the other side of the mouth.

Also check out activities D3 (caramel apples – featured on the August 6 blog post), D4, E6, and I6 from the cooking card set available from Toolbox Training.  

Other Holidays and Events Today:
  • Crush-a Can-Day

Check out the full September calendar to see the month at a glance as well as floating holidays, specialty weeks, and themes for the month.

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